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AAP co-sleeping guidelines (updated)

Birth & Beyond: Caring for yourself and your baby after birth

Birth & Beyond: Danger signs after birth

Birth & Beyond: Warning signs in newborns

Birth & Beyond: What to expect after birth

Birth & Beyond: What to expect in birth

Birth & Beyond: What to expect in labor

Breastmilk over supply

This app uses evidence based therapeutic techniques and practical tips proven to help new and expecting parents manage stress, anxious thoughts, and low mood.


Expectful provides evidence-based health & wellness resources for fertility, pregnancy & postpartum

ICAN VBAC Resource List

ICAN of Southwest Washington is a local chapter of the International Cesarean Awareness Network that provides monthly meetings, information and support to families healing from cesarean surgery, planning a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) or preparing for their first or subsequent birth experience.

LactMed database

The LactMed® database contains information on drugs and other chemicals to which breastfeeding mothers may be exposed. It includes information on the levels of such substances in breast milk and infant blood, and the possible adverse effects in the nursing infant. Suggested therapeutic alternatives to those drugs are provided, where appropriate. All data are derived from the scientific literature and fully referenced. A peer review panel reviews the data to assure scientific validity and currency.

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